The music duo Soular has its roots in the classic rock era of Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Jackson Browne, and The Beatles, and of course the 5-piece group Amdahl Wolfe where Craig Wolfe and Randy Deutch first played together back in the day. Our current focus is the climate crisis. Our original music follows their motto:
  Thought for the Mind
    Love for the Heart
      Truth for the Soul    

Soular Creative Videos. Music from the Soular CD.
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You Better Worry
Well, before we feel like taking action, we better realize we
are in a heap of trouble. We better worry first, then take immediate action.
The Last Journal Entry - Shorter Version
The year is 2076. Climate change proved to be real. Humans acted, but acted far too late. Humans and species struggle to
Stand Up
Climate change is real. We certainly aren't doing enough about it. This song and video ask, "Why not?" Video intro shows weathermen discussing our bizarre spring weather.
Solar Prayer
A song of gratitude to the Sun that portrays the mysteries of the Universe and implies the elegant simplicity of the American Indians' understanding of where it all comes from.


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Soular uses customized drum backing tracks.

Take It Back
Original - Take back our power.
Heart Forsaken
Original - Falling in love too fast
Hope of Man
Original - Where shall we find it?
All Along the Watchtower
Copy Tune - Bob Dylan
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Copy Tune - George Harrison
Your Mama Don't Dance
Loggins & Messina
Butterfly Girl
Original - Blissful, crushing infatuation
We Are The Music
Original - What we do.
Roads to the Mountain
Original - Be aware of varied perspectives
We Can Work It Out
Copy Tune - The Beatles
Money for Nothin
Copy Tune - Dire Straits
Dream Dream Dream
Copy Tune - The Everly Brothers
Book of the Heart
Original - Solving our changes
You Are Young
Original - I won't find out how it turns out
If I Do That To You
Original - Golden Rule


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