Short Sample for
Ride on the River
© Craig Wolfe

From an amazing dream of floating on a river, talking to a wise man along the way, and discovering the ecstacy of the journey.

Out alone on the River, My Journey only a Dream.
My ship was my body. The water white and clean.
There I rode through the rapids sitting in an easy pose,
When I stopped for a question From “The One Who Knows.”
Where am I now? Where should I go?
If what I search comes tomorrow,
How will I know?

We are where we are, As all things pass you by.
We must travel far., but the time is now, the place is here.
Until we learn to fly, we must…
Ride on the River. Wo Wo
Ride on the River. Wo Wo
Ride on the River.
Wo Wo Wo

Suddenly I departed, taken by the rushing flow.
Laughing with the whitewater as the current began to grow.
Drawn down through the narrow where the surge grew stronger still.
Twisting round I surrendered, giving the River my will.
Spinning round and round. Dancing without fear.
Making out His reflections, His Words rang in my ear.


With nothing to prepare me, the time had come to Know.
I was cast to the Four Winds as the River fell far below.
No need for answers. No questions why.
My ship is my Spirit. I have truly learned to


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