Short Sample for
Take It Back
© Craig Wolfe

A political / social song describing how the Bigs have taken over the power of decisions that, because of their lack of empathy, priority, and understanding, may well lead us to our collective ruin unless we are able to wrestle power from them.

You and I never been in the halls of Power.
But sure as hell Mr. Big seems to find the way.
And he’s buying the way to our final hour.
You and I know it never sees the light of day.

Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Natural Gas
Never heard the word – responsibility.
Don’t give a damn ‘bout causin our ruination.
They only care about profitability.

We know he’s a liar.
He’s hopin’ that you just don’t care.
So set you Heart on fire.
And raise our banner high in the air.
Take back your power

I’m tellin you… It’s bigger than we thought. The planet’s getting hot.
Doin nothing is crime. We’re running out of time…
Take it Back. Take it Back…. Take it!!

They buy the lie just try to compel you.
Believe me, son, don’t you worry now, you’ll be just fine.
It seems strange that’s the song that they try to sell you.
They know damn well that we’re close to runnin out of time.

I won’t be holding my breath with anticipation.
To see if Mr. Big finally gets a change of heart.
So if losing the planet gives you inclination,
Get in line. Make a sign. Now’s the time to start.


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