Short Sample for
You Are Young
© Craig Wolfe

A song to the generation younger than me, discussing the fight we are in, who will be remaining to see how it all turns out, and the price we pay for not doing enough.

We once believed every day gets better.
Somewhere. somehow we lost our way.
So, now we fight the good fight together.
Will we win? I cannot say.
You are young, so you’re the one to find out …..someday.

They say the odds are stacked against us.
Who’s to say that we wake up in time?
We stand shoulder to shoulder, but remember,
All these answers will never be mine.
You are young, so you’re the one to find out…...sometime.

Where do the penguins go?
Is it enough to say, “We just don’t know.”?
Who else will we sadly watch fade away?
Is this really the price we want to pay?
Every day…...For 10,000 ………years





Have we forsaken all reason and rhyme?
Will we believe the ones who told us in time?
My head is spinning to see which way to go.
And it’s breaking my heart not to know.
You are young, so you’re the one who must say, “I know.”

Where do our children go?
(children) Please help us to see which way to go.
Is it enough to say we just don’t know?
(children) No, No! Don’t you tell us now you don’t know.
Who else will they sadly watch fade away?
(children) We don’t want to watch our world slip away.
Is this the bill that we leave them to pay?
(children) We are afraid. It’s far too great for us to pay.
Every day…...For 10,000 ………years
For 10,000 ………years
For 10,000 ………years

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