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Take It Back is Soular's new CD release. All tunes are the original songs of Craig Wolfe, Communications Director for the Sierra Club - Kansas Chapter. The music of Soular is dedicated to inspire us all to change our hearts and minds so that our actions restore balance to our planet.

Click on one of the players below for short samples of each song on the Take It Back CD
Fundraising Opportunity
Craig Wolfe produced this CD so that it can help make a difference. Your organization can help spread the word. We will create a page just for your organization to track your sales. Soular will contribute $5 for every TAKE IT BACK CD sale made from our webpage just for your organization.

See the link below for an example.

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Take It Back
Hope of Man
You Are Young
Book of the Heart
Roads to the Mountain
If I Do That To You
Heart Forsaken
Coming Home
Solar Prayer
Love You I Do
Ride On The River
Stand Up

The music of Soular was written to inspire the changes needed if we are to live with balance and grace on our little blue ball. With climate, social, and political challenges fiercely staring us squarely in the face, a different path is needed on every level. Humankind’s technological advances have raced far ahead of our capacity for empathy and understanding of our relationships to each other and to this miracle of a gift to us all... Planet Earth.

We have reached the point where we may blindly stumble over the edge. And so the music works to implore, coerce, and demand that we begin these journeys of change, both inside and outside ourselves.

Thought for the Mind
Love for the Heart
Truth for the Soul

















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